(Children from 3 to 6 YEARS OLD)

We offer children the chance to mount a Shetland pony and take a real special lesson for about 30 minutes accompanied by an instructor, who remains at their side for the entire duration of the “lesson”.


(from 6 to 16 YEARS OLD)


(After 16 YEARS OLD)

Often grownups didn’t get to do the sport they dreamed of when they were children… Horseback riding is one of the most longed for.

At the Rospetto riding school we help those who want to approach this great sport either out of pure passion or to share it with their children who already practice it.

We start with individual lessons to overcome that fear mixed with embarrassment and emotion typical of the “grownups” and then we move on to groups of up to 4 people.


Every June and July we organize summer camps for children from 3 years up. The camps last one week, from Mondays to Fridays in groups of up to ten students. The main activity is horseback riding and everything that is connected to this activity, but children also learn how to care for all the animals present at the Centre and on the farm.

One day a week we go to the nearby swimming pool “Il Poggetto”, we go hiking in the woods, along the river, and we have painting, clay-modelling and cooking workshops.

On Thursday nights, for those who want to, there’s the chance to sleep overnight in tents provided by our equestrian centre.

One of these weeks is completely devoted to experienced students who will sojourn from Monday to Friday at the Centre and to gain full insight of all the management tasks. Phone for information on precise dates.